Reuse, composting, and other services to help you save the planet in Phoenix

Phoenix was once known as the least sustainable city in the world but, that doesn't mean you can't help make Phoenix more sustainable.

These three organizations make living sustainable, easy, accessible, and affordable for residents across The Valley of the Sun.

Reuse Store for Local Craft Beer

Aluminum cans are great and can, theoretically, be recycled infinitely, unlike plastic which degrades in quality every time it's recycled. But nobody is recycling them! According to the EPA, the US generated 3,890,000 tons of aluminum in 2018, and only 17% was recycled. The Aluminum Association states that we throw away roughly one billion dollars of aluminum every year.

Growly Delivers is a local company that works with local breweries and coffee roasters to deliver local brews in reusable growlers - not single-use aluminum cans.

Not just any old Growlers. Growly Delivers rents Growlerwerks uKeg GO, which keeps craft beer fresh for two weeks. That is 5x longer than a traditional glass growler (and way cooler than an aluminum can).

Growly Delivers only for local breweries and coffee roasters, and they work with PHX Beer Co., Simple Machine Brewing, Throne Brewing, Cortez Coffee, Tamosan, and Mythic Goat Coffee.

They are the milkman of craft beverages. They give customers freshly filled growlers, and in return, customers give them back empty growlers, which Growly cleans, sanitizes, and reuses. Check them out!


According to the EPA, food waste is 21.59% of the municipal solid waste we generate in the US. That is 63,130,000 tons! The overwhelming majority of food waste goes to the landfill, but it doesn't have to.

Recycled City is a local composting company in Arizona that provides at your door composting service. All you have to do is throw your food scraps in the bucket they provide you, and they pick it up, do their magic, and convert your organic waste to soil.

They don't just stop there. Recycled City uses that soil on their farm where they grow seasonal vegetables, fruits, and herbs. They have an additional farm box service where you can get fresh veggies delivered to your door. It's a full-circle program!

Construction and Demolition

The EPA estimates that the US landfilled roughly 144 million tons of Construction and Debris (C&D) in 2018. Throwing away aluminum cans seems minuscule compared to renovating and (hopefully not) landfilling your entire kitchen!

Most people don't know what to do with old kitchen counters, appliances, etc., but that is where Stardust comes in.

Stardust is a local organization that reclaims home materials and resells them at an affordable price. They will even come to your home and deconstruct an area you're preparing for renovation. They can do kitchens, bathrooms, plumbing, and more. It's a win-win since you don't have to pay for demolition and landfill fees, and Stardust removes the usable materials and resells them in their stores.

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