3 Places You Can Buy the Amazing Sonoran White Chocolate Ale in Arizona

The Sonoran White Chocolate Ale is one of the most unique beers you’ll ever have. It tastes like white chocolate but, it isn’t a heavy beer. It’s light, crisp, and refreshing. Are you curious? Before we get into where you can get this fantastic beer, here is a review from a Growly Delivers customer:

“I’m obsessed with this beer. The first time I tried Sonoran’s White Chocolate Ale, I think I actually gasped. I’m used to chocolatey beers being heavy and dark, so tasting white chocolate in such a light and refreshing beer was a GAME CHANGER. I think I’ve ordered it more than any other beer on the site. The most similar beer I could compare it to would be Huss Brewing’s Papago Orange Blossom, but really it’s so unique, it’s beyond comparison. I’ve never met anyone who didn’t love it when they tried it. If you have taste buds, you will love this brew! - Abby J 

Get It With Growler Delivery

Growly Delivers is a milkman-style delivery service for local craft beer and coffee. They go directly to the taproom, fill up high-tech growlers, and deliver them to you! Nothing is fresher than getting beer straight from the tap. However, they only deliver in The Valley on Thursdays so if you’re looking for something right now, look elsewhere.

Total Wine

The Costco of alcohol, some Total Wine stores carry the Sonoran White Chocolate Ale. You should check their website to see if the beer is in stock before you make the trek. Total Wine offers delivery but, you have to meet the $24.99 minimum to get it delivered.


Get It Straight From The Source

Go straight to the brewery where PHX Beer Co. makes this fantastic beer. PHX Beer Co. has several locations in The Valley (including the airport) but, I recommend going to their brewery on 3002 E. Washington St. Phoenix, AZ. Fill your growler of Sonoran White Chocolate, have a pint at the bar, or grab some to-go cans. 

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I have never tried White Chocolate Ale, this post is exciting for me to try!!

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