Saves Money: On-route, weekly delivery saves you money compared to on-demand delivery or driving to the business yourself.
    Helps Local Businesses: Ordering from local beverage artisans who have limited sales and distribution opportunities puts money where it's needed.
    Reduces Trash: Using returnable, reusable growlers keeps trash out of the landfills and takes us a step closer to a circular economy.
    Takes Cars Off Roads: Optimized weekly delivery routes reduces cars needed for delivery or purchasing yourself, helping lower your environmental impact.


    Growly is cheaper than commuting to the Brewery

    Growly Delivery Driving to Brewery Ubering to Brewery

    64 oz growler (Four pints of beer): $17.00

    Two pints of beer: $14.00 Two pints of beer: $14.00
    Our drivers are well compensated. No need to tip!

    15% Tip: $2.10

    15% Tip: $2.10

    Classic Glass Growler Rental: $2.00 Cost of fuel and vehicle wear and tear

    Round trip Uber from home to brewery (10 miles): $26.00

    $10 Valley-Wide Flat Delivery Fee Fear of DUI 15% Uber Tip: $3.90
    Taxes (8.6%): $1.63 Taxes (8.6%): $1.20 Taxes (8.6%): $3.44
    Total: $32.63 Total: $17.30 Total: $49.44
    Per Pint: $8.16 Per Pint: $8.65 Per Pint: $24.72