How It Works

We are a weekly subscription service in Metro Phoenix that delivers local craft beverages in reusable growlers.

You must agree to the terms of service before ordering.

Step 1: Order Your Brews

Browse our wide variety of delicious beverages from our wonderful partners. Add them to your cart and checkout. We won't ask for payment information during checkout. You'll pay upon delivery via credit card.

The checkout price doesn't include growler rental fees. After checkout, we will email you an invoice with the total cost of service.

How much does Growly cost?

We have two different types of subscriptions: Free Week-To-Week Subscription or Growly Zero. If you’d like to subscribe to Growly Zero, add it to your cart. If not, you’ll automatically be enrolled in the Free Week-To-Week Subscription. 


Free Week-To-Week Subscription

Growly ZERO

Subscription Costs: 


$119/year or $12.99/month

Delivery Fees: 

$10 Valley-Wide Flat Delivery Fee for every order 

FREE Delivery!

Growler rentals: You'll rent our growlers for one week. Our 32 oz Classic Glass Growlers cost $1 and our uKegs cost $6. 64 oz CGG comes in two 32 oz growlers.

Support local breweries and the Planet: 

Access to exclusive Growly ZERO brews: 

Discounts for future events, items, promotions, and more:

Step 2: Relax at Home

We deliver every Thursday, between 4:00 - 8:00 PM (with exceptions on certain holidays). We will text you roughly 30 minutes before we arrive at your residence.

If your order is all non-alcoholic beverages, you don't have to be home. Leave a cooler with some ice outside your door, and we'll swap your empty growlers for some filled ones.

If your order has alcoholic beverages, you must be home. We cannot leave a growler of alcohol at your doorstep unattended because it is against the law.

Step 3: Return Growler & Repeat

We exchange your empty growlers with filled ones on your next delivery.

We sanitize our growlers using industry-standard methods and cleaners to ensure that the growlers you receive each week are completely safe and clean for reuse. You can read more about our sustainability efforts here.

Managing your Account

We will automatically deliver your previous order unless you update, pause, or cancel. We'll send you a reminder email on Monday.

Update your order: To update your order, place a new order before Wednesday @ 10:00 PM. We’ll automatically make your latest order your new subscription. We encourage you to try different craft beverages every week!

Pause your subscription: To pause your subscription, "buy" the "Pause Growly Subscription" here. Be sure to select the number of weeks you wish to pause.

Cancel your subscription: To cancel your subscription, "buy" the "Cancel Growly Subscription" here. Note that we charge a $5 pickup fee. If you'd like to keep the growlers, please let us know. You can keep the growlers for $10 per Classic Glass Growler or $100 per uKeg. If you aren't going to be home, feel free to leave the empty growler(s) outside of your door in an inconspicuous box!

Update your address: Contact us to update your address either permanently or for one week.

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