A globalized, more interconnected world has brought benefits to us all. However, it is easy to feel lost in the impersonal world of long supply chain supported mass-produced mass-distributed, the ultimate manifestation of linear economic activity. 

Despite being more “interconnected” in some ways, many of us feel more and more disconnected, from ourselves and our humanity, from our friends and family, from our living Planet itself, and from the specific unique place each of us inhabits.

Local beverage entrepreneurs fill a special role in the community. They provide a space where we can get together to celebrate, to connect, and to relax. They create unique products that add unique flavors of all kinds to our culture and life.

In this age of mass technocratic corporate consumerism, enjoying unique and authentic creations produced by local beverage artisans is vital to living a more authentically human life, a key purpose of Circularity.

Supporting these local entrepreneurs enables a more Circular Economy, reducing the need for energy and resources, and enabling easier reuse, thus reducing overall impact on Planet Earth. Supporting local entrepreneurs is also key to creating a more robust local economy.  


  • Promotes artisanship over large-scale mass production.
  • Reduces impact on the environment through a more Circular Economy.
  • Supports a more robust local economy.


As you prepare to make your next beverage selection, make the commitment to purchase from a local source. Each local purchase you make supports friends, family, and neighbors in the community you live in. At the same time, this simple choice has a huge effect on the health of the planet.


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