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Pricing Structure

  1. Growler rentals: All beverages come in our 32 oz Classic Glass Growlers which you rent for $1 a week.
  2. $10 Valley-Wide Flat Delivery Fee: Whether you order from one Craft Beverage Artisan or all of them, the delivery fee remains just $10. If you subscribe to Growly ZERO, you won't pay any delivery fees.
  3. Craft Beverages: The Craft Beverage Artisans set the price for their beverages. Getting a 64 oz fill always gives you more bang for you buck.


A typical order is usually around $11 with a Growly Zero subscription.


Growly is cheaper than commuting to the Brewery

Growly Delivers with Free-Week-to-Week Subscription
Driving to Brewery Ubering to Brewery

64 oz growler (Four pints of beer): $17.00

Two pints of beer: $14.00 Two pints of beer: $14.00
Our drivers are well compensated. No need to tip!

15% Tip: $2.10

15% Tip: $2.10

Classic Glass Growler Rental: $2.00 Cost of fuel and vehicle wear and tear

Round trip Uber from home to brewery (10 miles): $26.00

$10 Valley-Wide Flat Delivery Fee Fear of DUI 15% Uber Tip: $3.90
Taxes (8.6%): $1.63 Taxes (8.6%): $1.20 Taxes (8.6%): $3.44
Total: $32.63 Total: $17.30 Total: $49.44
Per Pint: $8.16 Per Pint: $8.65 Per Pint: $24.72



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