2020 ADEQ Award for Environmental Stewardship Recipient

We are an ADEQ Copper Award recipient for environmental stewardship. As stated by the ADEQ, we are helping the environment by:

  • Reducing CO2 with planned monthly routes instead of on-demand delivery

  • Diverting over 1500 single-use-12-oz aluminum cans from the landfill in just over 2 months

  • Being zero-waste due to growler/bottle reuse



Planet Earth is under stress, and it is only going to get worse.  Here at Growly, born in the desert sun of Arizona, we know that a fragile balance exists between human civilization and the natural world.

Growly was founded to help deliver positive change by offering a different kind of delivery service, one that has purpose behind it.

It is a delivery system that can help you make a difference every single time you place an order.


Millions of food and beverage delivery orders are placed every day. These deliveries support large, mass production food chains, use single vehicles to make the deliveries, and generate mountains of single-use, non-recyclable trash.

We believe that a delivery system should be part of a Circular Economy. Every time you place an order through Growly, you support Circularity.


A Circular Economy, as opposed to the current take-make-waste Linear Economy, is geared toward designing out waste, using as few resources as possible, keeping those resources in circulation as long as possible, then recovering and regenerating those resources.

A Circular Economy attempts to mimic the circular nature of natural systems and is the key to human thriving with minimal impact on Earth.

At Growly, we pursue strategies that, when executed together, result in increased Circularity.



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