Tap That AZ Prickly Pear Hazy IPA


Size: 32oz CGG
Sale price$13.00


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ABV: 8.2% | IBU: 48

Years ago a yankee named Eric Walters ventured out west seeking his fortune, and he found it in the form of flowing liquid gold. With a color akin to the legendary Arizona sunset this double dry hopped Imperial IPA will inspire you to tap into everything amazing about the 48th state. Using ancient grain that grows in the Arizona soil and hops that run wild in the Southwest, Tap That AZ Hazy is a true Arizona IPA. We even doubled down and used prickly pear fruit for this batch.

Please note the following: 

  • You'll rent our growlers for one week. Our 32 oz Classic Glass Growlers cost $1 and our uKeg cost $6.
  • 64 oz CGG comes in two 32 oz growlers.
  • Learn more about our growler options here and how our delivery works here.

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